Fall 2009

After the experience of working with older people in "Conversations" there was no doubt that the next piece had to be an evening dedicated solely to the stories of older individuals. 

Five women in their seventies and eighties tapped, boogied to the Beatles, and polkaed their way to the stage. While learning about surviving the Holocaust, the death of a husband, and losing a loved one in the Vietnam War, we fell in love with these women. 

In the post-show discussion we were encouraged to buy a bus and take the show on the road. 

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz with Performing Artists: Paige Fredlund and Sarah Schermer


Community Participants: Lynnette Allen, Noemi Ban, Marge Moench, Dorothy Regal, Barbara Sylvester

Costumer: Sarah Schermer

Sound Designers: Paige Fredlund, Pam Kuntz, Sarah Schermer

Lighting Designer: Mark Kuntz

Photographer: Suzanne Fogarty