AIRINGS...voices of our youth

Fall 2016

Airings…voices of our youth explores the pressures young people face in the formative years of Middle and High School. Airings was
created in partnership with staff from the Bellingham and Mount Baker School Districts, The Whatcom Family and Community Network,
faculty at Western Washington University’s Psychology Department and, most importantly, more than twenty teenagers in our community
who have shared their stories. The power of Airings lies in the true stories of these young people expressing THEIR thoughts and THEIR feelings in THEIR words. 

Airings enjoyed seven performances at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center November 3-12, 2016, a packed house performance at Western Washington University on January 25, 2017 and several performances at Whatcom County Middle and High Schools November 2016 - February 2017 reaching over 4000 people in the community.


Click here to download the
Click here to download the
I brought 3 teenagers (ages 14, 16 and 18) to Airings and we were all amazed. My 2 daughters and their friend talked for 3 hours after the performance about it and the conversation spilled over into the next day. They loved it! I have never seen them so excited about a performance and hungry to talk about everything they saw and relate it to their daily high school experience. The depth, power and realness of the dance was awesome. All three of them agreed that it was more powerful and helpful than any anti-bullying assembly or speaker they have seen at their school. They all agreed that it should be brought to the schools and that all of the topics the dance covered were important to their lives. Thank you for putting the show together and making it available. It was wonderful!
- Laura Hedges
Kulshan Middle School Principal Meagan Dawson's blog post about the "Airings..." performance at her school is HERE.
I taught in Public Education for 25 years, and this performance was brilliant. I believe this performance has the ability to transform lives and possibly the education system itself. Absolutely beautiful.
I believe that this play could help more kids, teenagers, and even grown-ups understand more of what's happening everyday and of how much it can effect someone. I am glad I saw this play because it made me think more about how I could help another person going through something as tough as bullying, suicide, or anxiety. This play is something that will stick with me and help me through tough times. 
- Lola
The collected reflections, gleaned from many conversations with middle and high school students about the challenges of coming of age in a world constructed by social media and peer pressures, emerge through dance, texts and spoken word, leaving the audience in awe of their honesty, courage and perseverance, and finally with hope that they will face our uncertain future with the same clear eyed vision.
Marie Eaton
I am hopeful that this performance will be welcome in many schools and that conversations will be inspired to help create a healthy environment for our children with support and strategies coming from all sources - teachers, parents, peers, professionals and, most importantly, strength from within. Thank you for your vision, your courage, your creative performances, and your commitment to our community. We are a stronger, healthier and richer community for your presence.
- Pam Sinnett

Photos by
Angela Kiser and Nolan McNally

Airings was created by Bellingham artists and Kuntz and Company collaborators Evyn Bartlett, Cara Congelli, Angela Kiser, Pam Kuntz, Ethan Riggs, and Yuki Matsukura. Music is by Michael Wall. Go check out his work at

Airings was supported in part by The Chuckanut Health FoundationThe Community Food Co-Op, The Whatcom Family and Community Network, the Whatcom Community Foundation, Village Books, the Whatcom Educational Credit Union, and numerous individual contributions.