Kuntz and Company is a nonprofit, professional dance/theatre company that produces original work.


Every work created by Kuntz and Company tells the stories of our community. Community members are invited into the process to discover and share their individual stories with the artists.


Throughout the creative process Kuntz and Company involves a wide range of professional artists including photographers, composers, musicians, dancers, actors, and visual artists.


Choosing subjects of universal interest, Kuntz and Company frequently chooses topics by request. Recent topics include Asperger’s syndrome, HIV/AIDS, and Family. Upcoming include caring for our children and religion.


The innovative, inclusive pieces we create enhance familiar human stories even as they make the less familiar fields of dance and theatre more accessible to the community. The enthusiastic and empathetic responses received from viewers affirm the powerful human connection made between art and community life and attest to the rekindled sense of empowerment that follows.

...the artistic vision, sensibility, and the courage required to approach material that is sensitive, unplanned and truly collaborative in its creation. Our community is the better for it!
— Karee Wardrop


Richard Scholtz - President

Steve Lyons - Vice President

Vince Foster

Pam Kuntz

Tracy Rienstra

John McGarrity

David Vergin