revived, refurbished, and recent

Winter 2016

Kuntz and Company was back at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center to present revived, refurbished, and recent, a repertory concert consisting of both new work as well as pieces from the past. Having never presented an evening of work addressing multiple topics, or just dance for dance sake, this concert offered a range or works that cover the serious, the comical, and some in between.

Revived and refurbished pieces included a hilarious and rhythmic look at family from the 2012 The Family Project, performed by Angela Kiser and Zach Wymore, a dynamic movement piece hidden inside Hide and Seek (2014) performed by Ella Mahler, and a duet originally created for In Home performed by Ian Bivins and Vanessa Daines. In this duet, originally performed for just 50 invited guests in a private home, the two performers explore the challenge of getting to the television remote control first. Recent pieces included a work that explores the development of a mother and daughter relationship over several decades, a dance inside of a bike crash, and a short film looking into one woman’s journey with her husband and Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, Kuntz used this concert as a launching point for an investigation into religion. Working with 10 community members, covering a wide range of the human experience, this piece invited all involved to think about religion in our world.

KC collaborators on revived, refurbished, and recent included Evyn Bartlett, Ian Bivins, Jean Cassill, Cara Congelli, Vanessa Daines, Christine Engelhardt, Marilyn Flint, Gary Giles, Cecelia Hanford, Rick Hermann, Darrell Hillaire, Shannon Jung, Angela Kiser, Kristopher Lopez, Jim Lortz, Juliette Machado, Ella Mahler, Trula Nicholas, Amy Nielsen, Fatima Wardak, and Zach Wymore.

Photographers: Juliette Machado, Matt and Jen DeLong, Suzanne Rothmeyer, and Kramer Janders