Spring 2010

In the lobby of the theatre one evening after "Wrinkles...Grace in Time" a woman using a cane (Jo) walked up to Pam in the lobby and asked, "Would you consider doing a piece about people living with disabilities?" 

Jo's suggestion (a topic on the table for years but too intimidating to seriously consider) immediately provided a safe door, and we entered. 

Ian Bivins and Pam jumped into the process with Jo, who graciously agreed to tell her story of living with Multiple Sclerosis, and Jim Lortz, who volunteered his story of living with Parkinson's Disease. 

While the process of creating and performing this piece was almost magical, it was the post-show discussion that delivered the goods. One audience member put it quite well: “It is time to end the apartheid between the abled and disabled in our world.”

Cast & Crew

Created by Ian Bivins and Pam Kuntz

Community Participants: Jim Lortz and Jo Pullen

Sound Designer: Pam Kuntz with music by Meredith Monk

Lighting Designer: Mark Kuntz

Photographer: Robin Dude