Winter 2008

"Conversations" focused on the connections between the young and the old. These “ends-of-the-age spectrum” folks, exhibiting the innocence of children and the experience of grandparents, seem to be the wisest in our culture, so why not pair them up and see what they do? 

In one partnership, 10-year-old Keajn and 71-year-old Dennis found they communicated well through poetry. In another partnership, Kai, 10, Marion, 70, compared the art of Parkour (creative ways of running from point A to B) with Barbershop (singing in four-part harmony).  During the process, these partners also edged into the pains of divorce. The six very different conversations gave us some illuminating ideas to contemplate and reminded us that we aren’t that different after all. 

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz with Performing Artists: Nicole Byrne, Ben Estes, Vanessa Wallen

Community Participants: Ruth Glaser, Harriet Napiecinski, Bailey and Skylar Walston, Jan Super, Bella Mallett, Noemi Ban, Joe Moser, Brendan Friesen, Kelsey Willis, Marion Southcott, Kai Steele, Dennis Catrell, Keajn Wardrop-Peterson

Lighting Designer: Mark Kuntz

Composer: Brendan Aanes

Costumer: Sarah Schermer

Sound Engineer: Valerie Marie Leslie

Photographer: Suzanne Fogarty