Pam Kuntz

Pam has been living and working in Bellingham, Washington since 1999 when she joined the Dance faculty at Western Washington University (WWU) where she is a faculty member.

While Pam’s choreographic interests lie in collaborating with community members to tell their stories, she continues to choreograph for students at WWU and has created work for Bellingham Repertory Dance (BRD), a professional company of which she was a founding member. 

Pam's work with Kuntz and Company has received funding from The National Endowment for the Arts, Bossak Heilbron Charitable Foundation, The City of Bellingham, PeaceHealth, The Washington State Arts Commission, Chuckanut Health Foundation, Western Washington University, Whatcom Family and Community Network, WECU, the Community Food Co-Op, and the Whatcom Community Foundation.

Pam is proud to be the recipient of a 2016 and a 2007 Bellingham Mayor's Arts Award, a 2015 Artist Trust Fellowship, a 2012 Artist Trust GAP award, a 2012 Peace Builder award, and a 2011 Ken Gass Community Building Award. 



Cara Congelli - Performer

Cara has danced with Kuntz and Company in Hide and Seek (2014) and refurbished, refined, and recent (2016). She is currently a student at Western Washington University (WWU) with graduation in site Winter 2017. At WWU she has performed in numerous Faculty Dance, Fall into Dance and BFA Capstone concerts over the years. The experiences she has had with dance at Western are greatly valued and have allowed her to explore the limitless approaches to movement. Cara is also a member of Bellingham Repertory Dance and will be performing in their January 2017 concert at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center.  She hopes to continue to incorporate dance into her life to learn and share with others what cannot be expressed in words.


Evyn Bartlett - Performer

Evyn Bartlett has been dancing for 14 years.  He has trained in many styles of dance, including: ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, hip-hop, breakdancing, and basic ballroom. He is in his senior year at Western Washington University pursuing his Bachelor’s in Arts Dance. After graduation he hopes to get a job performing for Disney, either at one of their parks or on a Disney Cruise ship.    


Yuki Matsukura - Performer

Yuki is currently a student at Western Washington University, majoring in Psychology and will be graduating in the Winter of 2017. She was born and grew up in Japan and decided to study abroad in the U.S. when she was 19 as she wanted to challenge herself with new people of a different culture, language, and environment. She has been dancing classical ballet since she was the age of three. Dance is a way of expressing who she is, and it is a very important part of her life. Yuki had the opportunity to work with Pam Kuntz in the 2016 Faculty Dance Concert at WWU and is grateful for the opportunity to work on Airings. She is eager for new experiences and challenges that may come her way.

Photo by Nolan McNally

Photo by Nolan McNally

Angela Kiser - Sound and Video designer

As a collaborating artist of Kuntz and Company since 2009, Angela Kiser has been working closely with Pam Kuntz in developing current and past works, such as Positive, The Family Project, In Home, and Shimmer. Angela has also been a performer, choreographer and technical director of Bellingham Repertory Dance. Along with being a sound and lighting designer for multiple performing arts groups in Bellingham, Angela is the co-founder/director of On the Precipice Productions and the podcast StageHackers. As a founding member of the Commercial Street Theatre Project, she is an active member of the Bellingham arts community. Angela is currently training in the Margolis Method and has a passion for constructing unique approaches to theatrical story-telling.


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