Fall 2007

Both moms and dads came to the stage in "The Parent Project" to share the tears and laughter of raising children. 

We heard about the struggles and rewards of adoption from Bob and Bess, and we cried with Doris as she told us about her son's death in the Iraq war. Kimberly let us in on the challenges of being a single parent, while Chris and Gretchen shared the surprises of raising a son with Down Syndrome. 

The dancers also interjected stories about their parents' disciplinary efforts (from the child's point of view). Mom: "You're in time out!" Child: "Fine. I'll just pee in the closet!"

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz with Performing Artists: Ben Estes, Paige Fredlund, Sarah Schermer, Lena Traenkenschuh

Lighting Designer: Mark Kuntz

Filmmaker: Pam Kuntz

Composer: William Coogan

Costumer: Sarah Schermer

Photographer: Suzanne Fogarty

Community Participants: Bob and Bess Christman, Kimberly Taylor, Doris Kent, Chris and Gretchen Howard, Janet Peterson and Karee Wardrop