Winter 2013

We set out to create “Hello, my name is You,” a piece about Asperger’s syndrome, after being approached by Terry Sacks, the clinic director at the Communication, Science and Disorders Department of Western Washington University. Sacks saw "Stories from Jim and Jo", a piece about PD and MS, and wondered if we would be interested in creating a piece about Asperger’s.  She was correct.

"Hello" shares the life of Cooper, a 29-year old Bellingham resident who has Asperger’s. The artists of Kuntz and Company perform alongside Cooper illustrating the various facets of her life with this Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The evening explores how Cooper is solving her day-to-day activities in a culture that is learning how to understand her. Hello features Bellingham artists Ian Bivins, Pam Kuntz, Annie Hewlett, Troy Hightower, Angela Kiser, Ella Mahler, Hannah Reclam, and Zach Wymore and community member Margaret Cooper.

"Hello" enjoyed performances at the Firehouse PAC in Bellingham Winter and Fall 2013, Western Washington University Fall 2013 and The Communities Collaborative Care Conference in Minnesota summer 2013.

Funded in part by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Community Food Co-Op. Generously sponsored by the YWCA.

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz with Performing Artists: Ian Bivins , Annie Hewlett, Troy Hightower, Ella Mahler, Hannah Reclam, Zach Wymore

Community Participant: Margaret Cooper

Sound Designer: Angela Kiser

Lighting Designers: Angela Kiser and Mark Kuntz

Photographer: Nolan McNally