Fall 2011

With the help of the dancers, Kuntz and Company shared perceptions and feelings about death and dying. 

Ruthie V. painted during the piece, and Spencer Thun accompanied this evening of performance that delivered a compassionate and at time humorous exploration of the end of life.

Accompanying events included "Moving the Bones...Community Conversations about Death and Dying" and "Moving the Bones...a lively concert of songs about death and it's many moods." 

Geof Morgan of the Whatcom Family and Community Network along with Richard Scholtz facilitated these conversations. Singers for the lively concert included Richard Scholtz, Marie Eaton, Geof Morgan, Flip Breskin, and Laurel Bliss as well as all the folks in attendance.

This piece was supported by the YWCA and received generous contributions from the Jayme Clise Curley and David Leith Curley Family Fund and the Pam and Frank Champagne Fund both of the Whatcom Community Foundation.

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz with Performing Artists: Alona Christman, Angela Kiser, Ella Mahler

Community Participants: Linda Allen, Marie Eaton, Brooke Friswold, Nathan Scarborough, Ben Scholtz, Brittaney Schunzel

Composer: Spencer Thun

Visual artist: Ruthie V.

Lighting designer: Mark Kuntz

Photographer: Kramer Janders