Fall 2017

Do you remember that one shirt your father wore to work in the yard, or the apron your grandmother wore every year while making Thanksgiving dinner? THREADS, a theatrical dance piece explored our history through the fabrics of our family.

Performers investigated a father's navy whites, a mother's pre and post cancer blouses, and a great aunt's swimsuit from her days in the Aqua Follies. Dancers Kate Stevenson ("The Mom Project" and "Prison Pieces"), Vanessa Daines ("The Family Project" and "Positive") and Yuki Matsukura ("Airings...voices of our youth"), along with Cara Congelli ("Airings" and "Hide and Seek"), Ellie Evans, and Makenna Johansen, not only pulled from their own family member's closets, they also dove into the clothing of our community to share the lives of those around us.

“I wore this Pendleton skirt when I was a Junior at Park High. I actually think this was the skirt I wore at the school dance when Wally asked me to dance the final dance, the necking dance. I would NEVER do the twist but I did slow dance!”

Some playful, some serious, all heartfelt, the stories in THREADS invited us to bounce back in time and remember.

THREADS was supported in part by a Bellingham Tourism Grant.


From audiences:
"It created a sense of community, a togetherness we all share while experiencing personal dances. It felt wonderful, and I haven’t quit shaken that feeling since."

"I don't know when I've laughed so hard in one moment only to feel tears flowing in the next while special memories danced through my head throughout."

"It was so very present and alive and dear--never an ounce of sappy even though quite sentimental. Brava!"