Winter 2012

"Parkinson's Dreams About Me" is a six-minute film featuring an untrained, but graceful and expressive, dancer.  He performs to an original cello score and short, dream-like interview excepts. 

Featured performer, Rick Hermann, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 20 years ago, in 1998, and has been living with the symptoms for one third of his life. 

"Parkinson's Dreams About Me" captures and documents the emotional intensity of Hermann's experience through the filmmaker's attention to his graceful movements, both subtle and obvious. The film's director, Pam Kuntz, made this film to raise awareness of dance's therapeutic benefits for people with neurological disorders.  

"Parkinson's Dreams..." won Best Experimental Film at the Oregon Independent Film Festival in 2012, and screenings at Artsfest (Harrisburg, PA) 2012 and Next Dance Cinema (Seattle, WA) 2013, and The Foundation for Art and Healing's Creatively Connected Film Festival (NYC) 2017.

Cast & Crew

Created by Pam Kuntz

Community Participant: Rick Hermann

Composer: Music by Nathan Scarborough, Text by Rick Hermann

Videographers: Wilson Large and How Loud Media (Maria McLeod and Stephen Howie)

Film editors: Pam Kuntz and Wilson Large