Decoded Threads

Fall 2017

Decoded Threads...a movement response to Western's Gallery exhibit "Coded Threads: Textile and Technology."

Pam Kuntz, eight advanced dance students at Western Washington University (WWU), and three WWU alum created a response to "Coded Threads" that shared the lives and history of family and body. The evening consisted of two pieces, the first exploring the history of an item of clothing and the person who wears or wore that clothing, and the second explored body, what our clothing is covering. Decoded Threads enjoyed a standing room only crowd on October 4th, 2017 in the Western Gallery.

From audiences:

"Completely entrancing. It was so captivating to watch them move the threads and have the thread outline all of the shapes of their movements."

"I was extremely impressed by the skills displayed by each of the dancers, collectively and individually. The use of body was immaculate. My experience with this with this performance was breathtaking and overwhelming. The beauty of the narratives and connection that each dancer had to these articles of clothing was so stunningly portrayed through their movement, and words. I could feel their joy, their pain, and their gratitude. I teared up at every single performer’s story of a loved one that they shared because I think it’s these connections and people in our lives that shape us."

"Watching this performance took me on an emotional rollercoaster but the last act perhaps took my emotion hostage the most. I felt at peace after watching this act because it conveyed such honesty, and humility that can be hard to convey as a dancer without appearing fake, but this performance was true to itself and its dancers."