Pam describes herself as a dancer and a choreographer. Whether she realizes it or not, she is also a witness, an interpreter, a sculptor, a gardener and a catalyst. Kuntz & Co. transforms the most personal stories of individual lives - sometimes joyful and sometimes wrenching - into a wash of experience from which we can all draw insights and inspiration. The works are imbued with a genuine respect and compassion for the lives from which they are drawn. Pam’s many gifts spark conversation and, more importantly, change.
— Mauri Ingram, Whatcom Community Foundation
‘Hide and Seek’ has the courage to address the difficult topic of child abuse and neglect and explores this multi-dimensional problem with kindness and thoughtfulness. Kuntz and Company’s choreography and visual metaphors are captivating and I left the theater with feelings of hope and compassion for the children of our community.
— Antonella Antonini

‘Positive’ left me thinking. I had never really understood what HIV did to those who had it. We were taught about it in High School, but only the scientific side of it and what it physically did to you...but never stories. We never knew what happened to the people themselves. After leaving the performance, I sat in my car for a while and just thought about what I had just seen. The movements of the dancers told more of a story than any words could.
— Anonymous audience member

‘That One Curve’, designed around the experiences of women with eating challenges, was sensitively and dramatically developed with full regard to the position from which each participant came.
— Marge Moench

I am forever grateful to Mrs. Kuntz for having the courage to approach me and all the other parents to share our unique, challenging and love-filled stories of our children...an experience neither I nor our audiences will ever forget.
— Doris Kent

...the artistic vision, sensibility, and the courage required to approach material that is sensitive, unplanned and truly collaborative in its creation. Our community is the better for it!
— Karee Wardrop

Pam Kuntz found a way to express important issues to a diverse audience by finding the commonality in the human experience and creating a deeply powerful piece that had the audience members laughing through their tears and leaving the performance feeling empowered to heal.
— Lindsay Poynter

Pam Kuntz - I have never met anyone with an attention as burning as Pam’s. Watching her watch someone, it feels like something is going to combust. Her attention to others and for understanding is respectful and deep. It has led her to a specific exploration of movement in our community, building relationships of compassion, life themes, and artistic expression unlike any other, resulting in over 8 diverse community building events. As a choreographer & dancer she co-creates powerful pieces blending residents’ stories and their movement with professional dancers and artists to construct deeply moving and uplifting public experiences exposing the human soul. She blends the arts and politics, passion and the environment into experiences that wake us to life, wake us to community, and wake us to each other. She is electric and electrifying. With Pam in our community, the range of possibilities becomes boundless. Thank you for the boundless community you let us share with you, Pam.
— Geoff Morgan